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Top 10 Pet Friendly Hotels

People love to take their pets with them when they travel on business or vacation. It used to be difficult to find a hotel that accepts pets. Recognizing that pet ownership is increasingly popular, hotels have started welcoming pets along with their human guests. Savvy, upscale hotels offer services catering to the four legged companions. Special amenities include special dishes, beds, treats, dog walking, pet sitting and more.


Upscale hotels with the most luxurious of accommodations and amenities put out a welcome mat for guests and their beloved pets. The most luxurious accommodations are available at these prestigious hotels. Pet owners can share the enjoyment with their companions. These are upscale hotels where pets are permitted and welcomed. Pet policies may vary from location to location, so call the reservations department and ask about their current pet policies.


The following hotel chains are pet friendly, although there may be exceptions in individual hotels. When making plans that include your pet, call in advance to verify that the hotel welcomes pets. Hotel policies may range from the Kimpton Hotel that welcomes pets with the "red carpet treatment" to simply permitting pets and allowing pets to stay. The hotels in the article are famous for catering to their guests, so one would expect the same welcome for their beloved dogs, cats and other pets. When calling a hotel to ask about the pet policy, they will ask what type of pet you have. Most pet friendly hotels are referring to dogs and cats, although other pets may be included. In addition, a hotel may have size restrictions. Ask the hotel if they provide pet services, such as walking your dog and pet sitting.


Following are some of the best hotels for a vacation with your precious pet:


1. Kimpton: Stylish San Francisco based Kimpton Boutique Hotel Group has made a practice of welcoming pets since 1981. Each Kimpton Hotel puts together its own pet package, so packages may vary. Pet welcome gifts may include personalized doggie bags that include bottled water, pet snacks, a keepsake toy and more. The Hotel Monaco Hotels in Denver, Chicago, New Orleans and Silicon Valley have taken pet friendliness to a higher level, with four legged Pet Ambassadors who greet guests and make appearances at animal oriented fund raisers. Travelers who arrive without pets have the option of borrowing a pet goldfish for their stay. Fashionable group makes hotel stays fun and homey. Boutique hotels make your stay comfortable with trademark fireplaces, lobby living rooms and nightly wine hour. Kimpton has hotels in Scottsdale, Arizona; Vancouver, British Columbia; Whistler, British Columbia; San Diego; San Francisco; Silicon Valley, California; Aspen, Colorado; Denver; Chicago; Boston; Cambridge, Massachusetts; New York City, Portland, Oregon; Salt Lake City; Alexandria, Virginia; Arlington, Virginia; Seattle and Washington, D.C.


2. Loews Hotels: Very Important Pets (VIP) Program recognizes how important pets are to us. Each pet is welcomed with a personal note from the manager and lists of pet services and dog walking routes. Pet place mats with food, water, toys, treats and other goodies are placed in each room. Mini bars are stocked with gourmet dog biscuits.


3. W Hotels: W Hotels is a global brand with 21 properties in the world's most vibrant cities. W Hotels in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Dallas feature Bliss Spas. W Hotels offer "Whenever, Whatever" service (as long as it is legal). Pets are welcomed at all W Hotels, but some restrictions and fees may apply. W Hotels combines first class service with unique amenities. Find W Hotels in New York City, Atlanta, San Francisco, Honolulu, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Silicon Valley, California, Chicago, San Diego, Mexico City and Seoul, Korea.


4. Sofitel: Check out this pet friendly hotel! There is not size limit or additional charge to bring your "best friend" along. There is a maximum of two pets per room. The concierge will gladly arrange for pet services, including dog sitting, dog walking, veterinarian services and dog grooming. Sofitel has 11 locations in major cities across the United States and Canada including: Chicago O'Hare, Chicago Water Tower, Houston, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Montreal.


5. Omni Hotels: Many Omni hotels are currently offering the "It's a Dog's Life - Pet Package". Your dog will love the in-room "doggie" movie and list of "How to Live a Dog's Life" featuring dog friendly beaches, parks, restaurants and bars to visit while in town. Omni Hotels are located in Tucson, Arizona, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Denver, New Haven, Connecticut, Washington, D.C., Jacksonville, Florida, Atlanta, Chicago, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Boston, Detroit, St. Louis, New York City, Charlotte, North Carolina, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Richmond, Virginia and various locations in Texas.


6. Peninsula Hotels: This chain consists of seven award-winning hotels. Prestigious Peninsula Hotels are located in Beverly Hills, Chicago, New York City, Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong, Manila, Philippines and Hong Kong. This elegant hotel group offers the finest of amenities to guests. Leisure, spa and fitness facilities pamper the guests. Peninsula Hotels offer Five Diamond accommodations with all the luxuries for you to enjoy. Pets are welcome but there may be size limits.


7. Four Seasons: These upscale hotels offer sophisticated amenities. The chain is pet friendly in various cities.

Ritz Carlton: This ultra classy hotel chain has locations in various cities featuring the very finest of amenities, including pet friendly services at some locations.


8.Renaissance Marriott Hotels: This hotel chain offers amenities including high speed Internet, free breakfast, fitness center, business center, restaurant on site, swimming pool and more. Various locations are pet friendly. Residence Inns by Marriott permits pets with a non-refundable cleaning fee.


9. Starwood Hotels and Sheraton, Westin and St. Regis Hotels: Pet friendly accommodations are available in various cities.


Hotel policies subject to change. Contact the hotel in your city of interest for additional information.

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