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Best Dog Breeds for City Living

What is the best dog breed for someone living within the constricted confines of a city? It has to be small, right? The smaller the better when it comes to the best dogs for living in cities. That is a truism that can't be argued with. Or can it?


Unlike dog breeds that have very specific weather concerns where there is simply no case for arguing that a Chihuahua is better suited for Minnesota than Texas, or an Alaskan Malamute will be happier in Miami in the summer than Maine, when it comes to arguing about the best city dog breeds there is always some wriggle room. While one may well have a case for suggesting that a Great Dane may be better suited for a sprawling farmhouse than for living in a studio apartment, it may not necessarily always be the case that a Great Dane couldn't live quite happily in a city under the right conditions. Many dogs absolutely need large open spaces in which to run and exercise and often city dwellers simply cannot meet these needs. Just because you may live in an apartment doesn't mean you have to limit yourself to a tiny poodle or Chihuahua, however. In fact, one of the best breeds for city living might just be a Pinscher. Not the big, proud Doberman, but rather his cousin, the Miniature Pinscher.

This smaller version has much in common with the bigger variety, such as being a terrific watchdog. Many much bigger and more ferocious dogs aren't nearly as keen or intelligent, making the Miniature Pinscher one of best breeds for the inhabitant of a city apartment at risk for crime.


But what about the exercise and running needs of a dog? Are there any particular dog breeds that a city dweller can look to that can get the requisite exercise without having the benefit of a big yard? Although they can get fairly hefty at up to 25 pounds, a Pug is terrific breed for those living in the city. Along with the benefit of having a coat of short hair that doesn't require a lot of attention, the Pug doesn't ask for long walks and will be more than happy with either a brief daily walk around the block or a nice open apartment in which he has free rein to run and have fun throughout the day. Along the same line are Boxers and Boston terriers. The Boxer is, obviously, much larger than the other two, but like the Pug and the Boston Terrier, a boxer is happy to while away the day with long naps and will be satisfied with a quick, eventful jaunt around the neighborhood when you get home. In addition, all three breeds are good choices for those living in the city because they provide much-needed loyalty and loving that can come in quite handy after a frustrating and stressful day downtown.


For those dog lovers in the city who have a premium on space and may not be able to make that daily walk a reality, there are the good old city dog breed standbys like the Chihuahua, the Pomeranian and the smaller poodles. These are all good breeds for the city because they don't require a lot of exercise, they are small enough to pack away inside a corner of your room, and you can even take them with you and often hide them while conducting your daily business. In addition, these dogs are all breeds that are fairly easy to train, clean up after and care for. They may not provide much in the way of real protection, but in the case of a Chihuahua especially even the slightest indication that someone may be trying to get into your apartment in the middle of the night can lead to loud and persistent barking; enough to probably scare away any potential burglar.


City living in an apartment often calls for the choice of a dog breed that doesn't make a lot of noise because you don't want to offend your neighbors. One breed of dog in particular is perfect for the city dweller under these circumstances. The Basenji may, in fact, be the single most perfect dog for living in the city because it is almost like owning a cat. The Basenji is small enough to quality as one of the best dogs to live in the city, but also makes the grade because it is short-haired and almost as obsessed with keeping itself clean as a cat. Even better for city living is the fact that a Basenji because it literally cannot bark. Instead of barking, a Basenji makes a sound that is almost low-volume howl that has all the earmarks of an animal doing its level best to talk.

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